Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Michelle from Gymbohannah!

Hey, all you fabulous guys and gals - remember Michelle from Etsy's Gymbohannah shop? She sponsored the very first giveaway of the rockin' silver skull necklace here on Fishing and Wishing, and my family and I met her today!!

I tried to meet her yesterday at Norfolk's Art Everywhere - Closing Night, but she wasn't able to make it. So instead, we met at her booth in Virginia Beach's Town Center, at the monthly First Friday Artwalk event.

Michelle was lovely! She was super-friendly and outgoing, and she was happy to talk about all of her pieces in her booth. She uses a wide variety of media and elements in her art, and there is no shortage of eye candy on her tables. My children are very handsy, which isn't really great at this sort of thing, but Michelle was über-patient with them. She didn't make them feel at all unwelcome at her table and even offered to make a custom piece for my 7-year-old son, Jack! I can't wait to see it, Michelle! ☺

Michelle and her wares
In addition to running Gymbohannah on Etsy, Michelle is a very active member of the Hampton Roads, Virginia, artists' community. She is a member of Who Arted as well as the 7 Cities Crafters team.
I highly encourage you to her Etsy shop and keep checking it out, because you never know what Michelle will come out with next!
Happy shopping!


  1. Melanie You are amazing!! Now I see were your kids get it. I can't wait to put something special together for your son Jack. I think your daughters said they like birds and one like Cats & Dogs. Going to look out for some fun things to put something special together for them too!
    Thank you so much for all your kinds words and supporting local arts and crafters!! YOU REALLY ROCK!! Michelle from

  2. Hey, Michelle! Yes, you remembered - Sophia (5) absolutely LOVES birds, and Chloë (8½) is crazy about cats and dogs. I totally forgot they told you that!

    I think art is a crucial part of a culture and must be supported - I only wish I had more talent, myself! :D


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