Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winner: Max 'N Me Studio Doll

Congratulations to Gloria, who was just selected by the Random Number Generator as the winner of the awesome doll of her choice from the Etsy shop Max 'N Me Studio!
Gloria said: "I love the dancer and picking flowers.. both of which remind me of my Isabel!"
Way to go, Gloria - and Isabel!
Thank you to all of you for participating and to Max 'N Me Studio for hosting this great giveaway!


  1. Yiiiippppppeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much Mel!!! I can't wait to get my doll!

  2. congrats to Gloria!

    On another note I wanted you to know I put two awards for Fishing & Wishing on my site, just go to the awards and you'll be listed :)

  3. Me again!! :) the awards are under "awards" tags. As I posted them on the 4th (I'm late on letting you know sorry) anyways, you should be able to like on the pic & it'll take you to it so you can save. if that doesn't work I'll email them to you :)!


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